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Reviews to date…’The House of Mercy’ 2012 released US 5th Feb 2013

‘ ….you can see why Bex Marshall has Paul Jones is in a flap, she couldclimb the greasy pole based on her vocal and guitar skills; that she wrote these 11 never boring songs is the mark of a talent to watch…Classic Rock Magazine UK

'... She does down n dirty blues, evokes Janis Joplin, goes acoustic for the tender, and contributes tasty slide and knopfleresque runs. Marshall's powerhouse persona dominates,winningly...
Uncut Magazine UK

A rising star in the galaxy of British blues performers. - Keith Ames THE MUSICIAN

‘…British blues at its best’ – Rock n Reel (R2) UK

‘….there is a spiritual tone to her voice that lifts songs from the good to the great… inject a bit of her blues sparkle into your veins, sometimes addiction is a good thing.

‘…Bex hits all the stops with this one’-

‘…Make no mistake, Bex Marshall is the ‘real deal’ - ****Pete Whalley

‘…top-notch blues woman, Her potent pipes are matched with a knack for varied song content that keeps this set constantly interesting –

Bex Marshall’s unique style of guitar playing is a combined technique of slide, blues rock, ragtime and roots pickin’.

Her voice is a powerful melting pot of old black woman’s heartache and rock diva soul. Bex is a writer of distinction and notability, she pushes the boundaries of blues, her songs have been called timeless, touches of genius, and now with her 7 piece band, she is literally a musical tornado.

On Bex’s latest recordings you will find swamp blues, splashes of gospel and colorful bluegrass all with an exciting lyrically British twist.

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