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Freddi Gowdy, of the legendary 1970s soul-band Freddi Henchi & The Soul Setters, and Chris Daniels, (inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame in 2013, Grammy nominee and leader of Chris Daniels & The Kings) came together to make the long awaited Kings’ 13th album and the 1st of a series with Freddi and Chris together in Sam & Dave style collaboration. Both are legends beyond their home in Denver including 20 European tours for CD & The Kings and years of touring and single releases on Warner Brothers and other labels for Freddi. The band just finished a 70 show summer run that included festivals in Colorado, Amsterdam, and The United States. Appearances in the past year included The New West Festival with War, KBCO Studio C and the PBS Channel 6 Arts & Entertainment Special. Daniels, Gowdy and the Kings came together with Billy Payne from Little Feat, Hazel Miller (Big Head Todd & The Monsters) Carl Carlyle (Earth Wind & Fire), Christian Teele (E Town) and a host of amazing players to create the sweet soul-funk of “Funky To The Bone.” It has all the elements of Sly & The Family Stone, Chicago 1967 and the Saturday Night Live Band rolled into one package that comes out early in 2015.