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Jay White - America's Diamond
Tribute to Neil Diamond

Audio Clips of Jay White - America's Diamond"



Cherry Cherry


Cracklin' Rosie


Hello Again


I Am, I Said


Sweet Caroline


Notable Festivals & Special Events

- 25 Year's of concert performances
- 8 years Las Vegas Showroom Headliner at the Riviera
- Performances with the Macon Symphony and the Buffalo Philharmonic.
- 2008 Hollywood film debut portraying Neil Diamond in the Academy Award nominated film "Frost/Nixon"
- Appearance on the "Tonight Show"
- Presenter at Miss Universe 2003
- Entertainment Tonight Leeza Gibbons wrote "Jay is uncanny and truly amazing".
- Performed for First Lady Nancy Reagan.
- Venues include Casinos and cruise lines worldwide, performing art centers, country clubs, universities and concert halls.


Around The World
Clients and critics alike call Jay White one of the world's most convincing recreations of a Neil Diamond show. Since 1990, Jay has captivated audiences around the world in almost 9000 shows, (over 9 years with Legends in Concert), and some 2000 shows as a headliner at the Riviera in Las Vegas.

Having appeared with Neil Diamond on his DVD entitled “Stages”, Jay’s expertise has been personally complimented on several occasions by Diamond himself, who recently wrote: “Jay, keep singing so I can stay home and relax. Your friend in music.”

Also Jay’s most supportive critic is Neil’s mother Rose Diamond, whose occasional presence at his shows along with her kindness and pride has only inspired Jay to continue the legacy that is her son’s music.

Jay's introduction to the stage began in Detroit with a Do-Wop group, a top 40 band and two musical theater companies in the 1980’s. Little did he realize that his eventual appreciation for the music of Neil Diamond would turn into a lifelong journey. This journey could only lead to one place… Las Vegas.

As a professional entertainer Jay White recognizes the importance of presenting a crystal clear image to the public. For his entire career, that image has reflected one of America's brightest stars -  with an uncanny likeness to Neil Diamond.