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Emerging artist merging the real blues, soul, and Americana sound we all love. Runner up, Trinity River Blues Society IBC competition, and finalist in the Larry Joe Taylor songwriting competition. Available with band (Kerri Lick & The Good Kids) and solo

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Kerri Lick is available for booking with her band , as a duo, or as a solo artist

Kerri Lick is emerging on the blues scene as young talent gaining new fans across the southwest. Crossing over from a songwriters world where she is loved for her vocals and songwriting abilities, she brings heartfelt lyrics and merges them with the real blues, soul, and Americana sound we all love. 


In 2019, Kerri competed in her first IBC related event, as she took the runner up title in the Trinity River Blues Society IBC competition. In the same year , she stood as a finalist in the Larry Joe Taylor songwriting competition, finishing in the top 6 out of hundreds of songwriters. This proves how she beautifully merges captivating lyrics and deep blues and soul tones to create a fresh new sound in the blues music scene and the Texas and americana music scene. 



Kerri's relationship with the blues and soul comes from the creativity of female soul staples such as Nina Simone and Roberta Flack. She says, “I found a voice in their songs, that overtakes my mind and I want to , no, I HAVE to share it with my space in this world".


Kerri’s love for guitars and tasty “licks” come from her appreciation of artist like Bonnie Raitt and Susan Tedeschi. All around her, her fan following is growing because her songs are a unique and tasty, toe tapping, blend of Soul, Blues, and Americana.


Kerri has used 2020 to get closer to her band, “The Good Kids”, and with chapter 1 of her acoustic album “Me & My Guitar” now available, Kerri and The Good Kids are making new fans and grooving with blues and americana lovers throughout Texas and the Southwest.