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mick kolassa
and the Taylor Made Blues Band

"Mick Kolassa could work up an arrangement and sing the phone book (from a small Mississippi town) and make it a hit.” 

-Reflections in Blue, Bill Wilson

Mick Kolassa and the Taylor Made Blues Band is one of North Mississippi’s favorite bands, bringing together four respected blues artists whose love of and talent for the blues is infectious.

When not on the road the band performs regularly on Beale Street in Memphis and at clubs and juke joints in Clarksdale and other Mississippi cities. Their albums have received critical acclaim and significant airplay worldwide.

The band members are “Michissippi” Mick Kolassa on vocal and guitars, David Dunavent on lead guitar and backing vocals, Seth Hill on bass guitar, and George Mumford on drums. The quartet delivers solid blues in a show that keeps audiences coming back.

Playing a combination of original songs, cherished blues classics and some surprising blues “uncovers” of songs not traditionally thought of as blues, the Taylor Made Blues Band keeps audiences enthralled by fitting the set to the fans to assure their enjoyment of the show.

They are lively and animated in their performances, assuring that the fans enjoy themselves as they listen to the band playing their Free-Range Blues©. This band brings their love of the blues and a little bit of Mississippi to the stage.


“Just flat out fun stuff that sneaks up on you and never fails to keep its mojo working.”
-Midwest Records

“Mick Kolassa has a voice that was made for the blues.”
-Rhetta Akamatsu, BlogcRitics

“Whether original, cover, or cover that shouldn’t work but does, we’re starting to get the sense that this cat is a self-compiled encyclopedia of the blues with the chops to back up putting himself out there front and center.”
-Chris Spector

“Michissippi Mick Kolassa is one of the performers that I had always heard OF more than I had heard. I decided to remedy that shortcoming...and I’m glad I did! His singing voice is well-suited to Blues, and he often delivers a song with “a wink in his voice””.
-George Willett

Accolades & Awards

  • 2017 Independent Blues Award nominee, Contemporary Blues Album – "Taylor Made Blues"
  • 2017 Independent Blues Award nominee, Traditional Blues Song – “Taylor Made Blues”
  • 2017 Independent Blues Award nominee, Best Song for the Common Good – “In The Day”