Road Dawg Touring

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featuring Jeff Jensen & Brandon Santini



Brandon Santini:
  • 2019 Blues Blast Music Award, Contemporary Album of the Year
  • Blues Blast Magazine cover story, 10/24/2019
  • Latest album "The Longshot" debuted at #7 on the Billboard Blues Chart and the Living Blues Radio chart for March 2019
  • 2016 Blues Music Award nominee in categories of, “Instrumentalist-Harmonica” and “Contemporary Male Blues Artist”
  • 2015 Blues Blast Award nominee “Male Blues Artist” and “Live Blues Album”
  • Live & Extended made Living Blues Magazine’s Top 50 albums of 2015 at #17
  • 2014 Blues Music Award nominee in categories of, “Instrumentalist-Harmonica” and “Contemporary Blues Album”
  • 2014 & 2013 Blues Blast Award nominee in category of, “Sean Costello Rising Star”
  • 2014 Blues Music Awards Performer
  • 2014 Blues Music Award nominee,  
    Contemporary Blues Album, "This Time Another Year"
  • This Time Another Year made Living Blues Magazine’s Top 50 Albums Of 2013 and debuted as #12 on their charts
  • This Time Another Year charted at #3 on Roots Music Report in 2013 and remained on their chart for nine months!
  • Sirius XM Satellite Radio #1
    “Picks To Click” 2013
  • 2009 Blues Music Award nominee in category of, “Best New Artist Debut” with Delta Highway

Jeff Jensen:
  • 2015 Blues Blast Music Award nomination, Sean Costello Rising Star
  • 2014 Blues Blast Music Award nomination, Sean Costello Rising Star
  • Co-producer, 2014 Blues Music Award nominee,  Contemporary Blues Album, "This Time Another Year" - Brandon Santini


2019 BRAND NEW BAND featuring Jeff Jensen & Brandon Santini

Tennessee Redemption is a hard band to put in a box: Steeped in blues, raised on rock & roll, inspired by soul, baptized by gospel, and open minded as jazz; this band is an evolution in the personal artistry of its members.

Brandon Santini and Jeff Jensen musically grew up on Beale Street in Memphis, TN. Clocking a combined total of almost 1,000 concerts on Beale, just about 400 of them together at such famous clubs as Rum Boogie Cafe, Mr. Handy’s Blues Hall, Wet Willie’s, B.B. King’s Blues Club and more. Brandon and Jeff also toured around the USA and Canada together from 2011-2013 under the name Brandon Santini & His Band (BSB). In 2012, Bill Ruffino was brought to Memphis from Los Angeles to play bass full time for BSB. The three of them joined by Memphis’ own James Cunningham (Drums) and Chris Stephenson (Organ) recorded Brandon Santini’s “This Time Another Year” (Produced by Santini and Jensen). That album earned a Blues Music Award nomination for “Contemporary Album of the Year” as well as Santini earning a nomination for Harmonica of the Year (2012). Right after that the same band cut “Road Worn and Ragged”(2013), Jeff Jensen’s solo career re-launch album.

In the summer of 2013 Santini and Jensen split up to explore solo careers in which both blues men have enjoyed ample success on an international level. In 2015, Jeff Jensen released his acclaimed “Morose Elephant” album. That release would lead to extensive success and touring throughout Europe and the The United States. That same year Santini released a live album “Live and Extended!” featuring Santini’s new full time guitarist Timo Arthur. In 2016, Jensen released a live album as well entitled “River City Sessions”. David Green joined Jeff Jensen Band(JJB) in late 2015 after performing on and off with both BSB and JJB since a chance encounter in Birmingham, AL in 2011.

In 2017, Brandon and Jeff decided to accept a handful of exclusive festival offers for them to perform together. With David Green on drums, Bill Ruffino on bass, Timo Arthur on guitar, the group was billed as The Santini-Jensen Project (SJP). This launched the inspiration to take it to the next level. But that would have to wait as Jeff Jensen would be touring in support of his 2018 lyrically significant “Wisdom & Decay” and Brandon Santini prepared to release his most successful album to date; “The Longshot”(2019) which debuted on the Billboard Blues Charts at #7. That album continues to receive rave reviews globally.

The friendship and respect for one another continued to grow during their years apart and the 2017 SPJ concerts truly launched the need to write and perform together on a more serious basis. So after years of talking about it Brandon, Jeff, Timo, Bill and Dave formally established Tennessee Redemption in 2019. A name that means a lot to them since most of the band members found some sort of personal redemption while living in Memphis, TN.

Jeff Jensen and Brandon Santini  (pre-Tennessee Redemption)