Road Dawg Touring

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“Last summer we held our national sales meeting in Miami. Moses Jones is absolutely incredible. We flew the entire band into Miami for an all night performance. These folks are pure talent!”
Tim W

"Mark May's gutsy tone, feisty pull-off licks and ground-glass vocals invite comparison to any number of Texas bluesmen. But the twin guitar leads, wah rhythm spanks, and occasional burst of fusionesque melodic complexity that pepper his second release - Telephone Road - make May something much more than just another traditionalist."
– Guitar Player Magazine.

No more B vitamins doses, no more dark coffee cups, the hard cutting sound of Todd Wolfe’s rock blues will wake you up every day, everywhere, any time you listen to their music"  

Vicente "Harmonica" Zumel, La Hora del Blues

 For much too long, the legend of Long John Hunter was largely a local one, limited to the bordertown region between El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico. That's where the guitarist reigned for 13 years (beginning in 1957) at Juarez's infamous Lobby Bar.
"Sugar Ray has great tone and great phrasing,
singing and playing the harp. One of my favorites!"
-Charlie Musselwhite
"Peter Karp and Sue Foley are a force to be reckoned with. Playing to a full house at the National Arts Centre March 19, they lit up the room with their lively and passionate blues music. By the end of the show it was not surprising to see the entire audience on their feet cheering for an encore."
- Carlton University Press
"Roth is one of those rare finds in a world of increasingly soul-less and machine made music."
~~Ian Anderson, Jethro Tull

"He Said - She Said is a unique, daring idea beautifully executed by two talented, inspired artists unafraid to express themselves in songs of love, hope, longing, emptiness and frustration."  
Blues Revue Magazine