Road Dawg Touring

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Representing award winning blues artists from around the world!!

  • Long John Hunter
    Long John Hunter
  • Paul Oscher
    Paul Oscher
  • Sugar Ray & the Bluetones
    Sugar Ray & the Bluetones
  • Lionel Young
    Lionel Young
  • Moses Jones
    Moses Jones
  • Curley Taylor
    Curley Taylor
  • Johnny Long
    Johnny Long
  • Shari Puorto
    Shari Puorto
  • Chris O'Leary
    Chris O'Leary
  • Sarah Daye
    Sarah Daye
  • Preston Shannon
    Preston Shannon
  • Bill Magee
    Bill Magee
  • Black Oak Arkansas
    Black Oak Arkansas
  • Rockin Jake
    Rockin Jake
  • Peter Karp & Sue Foley
    Peter Karp & Sue Foley
  • Anni Piper
    Anni Piper
  • Reverend Raven & the Chain Smokin Alter Boys
    Reverend Raven & the Chain Smokin Alter Boys
  • Eric Jerardi
    Eric Jerardi
  • John Lisi
    John Lisi
  • Under A Blood Red Sky
A Tribute To U2
    Under A Blood Red Sky A Tribute To U2
  • Todd Wolfe
    Todd Wolfe
  • Joel DaSilva
    Joel DaSilva
  • Daddy Mack
    Daddy Mack

Road Dawg Touring Co. is a full service booking agency featuring the finest in National level blues artists, as well as the best known acts of multiple genres around Colorado. RDTC provides music for festivals worldwide, corporate functions, special events, private or company parties, weddings and receptions. RDTC is best known for the extensive tour schedules provided to the national artists that are currently represented.


You are listening to the sounds of Dave Weld

She's Lyin'
Dave Weld & Imperial Flames (Burnin' Love)