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Former bandmate of Jimi Hendrix, guitarist Bill Magee and his band (voted "Best Blues Band in San Diego") play the best of Southern blues, guaranteed to please.


Guitarist Bill Magee and his band play the best of Southern blues, guaranteed to please.

Bill Magee Blues Band is a 2014 nominee for "Best Blues" by the San Diego Music Awards, and was recently voted "Best Blues Band in San Diego" by both the San Diego Music Association and the Reader Magazine.

In 1963, Jimi Hendrix was playing as Jimmy James when Bill ‘Willie’ Magee met, befriended and eventually joined up with Hendrix to form the band "Jimmy James and the Flames." In 1967, Hendrix went to England, and Magee took his newly formed band, the "Kansas City Playboys" on a tour around Europe. 

Magee was born in Mississippi but nurtured his musical roots in New York City 's Harlem. Bill Magee continued in the NYC music scene for almost three decades as leader of the Kansas City Playboys. Magee has performed with every great blues player imaginable, including multiple performances at the famed Apollo Theater.  Relocating to Southern California in the late eighties, Bill formed his current band in San Diego in 1993.  Willie is the real deal playing NYC, Chicago style, and southern blues with an electrifying connection to his audience.

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  • 2014 nominee, "Best Blues", San Diego Music Awards

  • "Best Blues Band in San Diego", San Diego Music Association

  • "Best Blues Band in San Diego", The Reader Magazine

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