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2019 Blues Music Award (BMA) nominee, Acoustic Album,  Acoustic Artist, Best Emerging Artist Album; 2019 Blues Blast Music Award (BBMA) nominee, Acoustic Blues Album, Sean Costello Rising Star Award. Original music blends Soul, Delta-Blues, Rockabilly, Jazz, and Funk into a hearty, thoroughly satisfying Roots Stew.


"He gets it..."

- Lloyd Jones

Ben Rice has been leaving huge impressions on audiences around the Northwest and winning awards for his vocals and guitar playing for the last seven years. In 2014 at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee, he left the audience speechless with a raw emotional delivery of his version of “Key To The Highway.” On his second consecutive trip to the International Blues Challenge, he made the finals in the solo/duo category and was awarded the St. Blues Guitarist award for best guitarist.

   His debut on the international stage in 2014, was a landmark step forward in his career from being a regional act playing primarily around the NW to a national and international touring artist. Captivating audiences and presenting himself as someone who has a lot of depth in the various soundscapes of American music, Ben is gaining fans all over the world who love his playing, singing, songs, and stage performance.

   His original music blends Soul, Delta-Blues, Rockabilly, Jazz, and Funk into a Roots Stew. Influenced heavily by his parents record collection, from Al Green to Alice Cooper, Teddy Pendergrass to Marshall Tucker, at a young age Ben began investigating Blues and it’s history. Starting with B.B. King and going through the various regions and time periods, he is inspired and influenced by historical figures like Muddy Waters, Mississippi Fred McDowell, Robert Johnson, Big Bill Broonzy, and Skip James to name a few. Ben spent his college years studying Jazz Guitar at the University of Oregon as well as classical music while also playing in the Celtic Folk ensemble and Mariachi group on campus. He is well versed in a lot of musical styles that all contribute to the unique sound of his originals.

   As a performer Ben looks to the greats for inspiration and is always striving to connect with the audience through his music and stories. He also has an interesting arsenal of guitars playing resophonic guitars and homemade cigar box guitars. More important than the visual appeal Ben has an amazing way of making these guitars sound, often bringing audiences to tears with his slide playing.

   Ben Rice has been a growing talent in the NW, winning awards for his singing, guitar work, writing, and performing. He is stepping into the national and international scene using the vast influences of the American music to fuel his music and performance.

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"You get everything with Ben Rice: old-school blues recorded in a quality studio; 2015 International Blues Challenge finalist and then the St. Blues Guitarist Award for best guitar; a band that brings the old-school blues to life right before your very eyes (and ears) and a fun live show that will have you dancing in your seat...Ben Rice has something for everyone. A delicious audio delight."


"Wish The World Away" isn’t your grandfather’s blues. But if you like great guitar work and new tunes that are both fresh and original with a deeply rooted traditional feel, this one’s definitely for you. Ben Rice is a young man whose star is starting to soar."


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  • 2019 Blues Music Award (BMA) nominee, Acoustic Album, "Wish the World Away"

  • 2019 Blues Music Award (BMA) nominee, Acoustic Artist

  • 2019 Blues Music Award (BMA) nominee, Besat Emerging Artist Album, "Wish the World Away"

  • 2019 Blues Blast Music Award (BBMA) nominee, Acoustic Blues Album "Wish the World Away"

  • 2019 Blues Blast Music Award (BBMA) nominee, Sean Costello Rising Star Award

  • 2018 Cascade Blues Association Muddy Award Best Male Vocalist & Contemporary Blues Act

  • 2017 Cascade Blues Association Hall of Fame Inductee for Best Traditional Act in the Muddy Awards

  • 2016 Two Independent Blues Nominations for  Best Live Recording & Best Contemporary Blues Artist

  • 2016 Muddy Award recipient for Traditional & Contemporary Act of The Year - Cascade Blues Association

  • 2015 St. Blues Guitarist Award -  International Blues Challenge

  • 2014 & 2015 Traditional Act of the Year - Cascade Blues Association

  • 2014 & 2015 International Blues Challenge Finalist -The Blues Foundation

  • 2013 & 2014 Male Vocalist of the Year - Cascade Blues Association